Visesa Ubud Resort
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Visesa Ubud Resort

An exquisite Balinese experience, I was welcomed by a traditional Balinese ceremony, sat in the middle of rice fields and a Balinese farm. Gentle Balinese live music being played through the day, most evenings with traditional dances. Complementary Balinese teas, to complementary drinks and canapés at the Padi restaurant. My Villa was a very modern spacious accommodation, with an amazing private pool and bathroom. The architecture and wood work gave the impression of a traditional Balinese Home with all the creature comforts of a modern hotel. The staff were so friendly and welcoming of any request and feedback and very prompt to resolve minor issues we had. The breakfast was again a very Balinese affair and very tasty one at that, they had a big spread every morning. The hotel is situated just the right distance from Ubud town centre with shuttles and from on a schedule.



I had an amazing experience with the private consultations with renowned Balinese Healer that draws power from nature or spirits and creates medicine from holy water, flowers and plants.



Everyone in Visesa it’s an explosion of kindness and respect. They always take care of you, guessing which will be your next need. It was an amazing experience in a breathtaking place.


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