La Capinera Taormina
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La Capinera Taormina

La Capinera is run by one of Sicily’s finest chefs, Pietro D’Agostino. From the restaurant, located just north of Taormina you can look out across the Ionian Sea. La Capinera is listed in countless restaurant guides and has a reputation as one of Italy’s finest restaurants. They hold a Michelin Star .
The food is beautifully presented, delicate, and well balanced both with regard to flavor and texture. The wine list features numerous Sicilian wines, including a dry sparkling wine that was one of the highlights of the night. Service was impeccable, and the Chef seemed to take pleasure in coming out of the kitchen to help serve some of his dishes. The culinary philosophy of La Capinera Restaurant is to give the best experience of Sicily through the simplicity of tastes.
I enjoyed the breeze generated by the trains – after all this is Sicily and it is rather warm here. In any case, this did not take away from a 3 1/2 hour wining and dining experience. La Capinera definitely deserves its Michelin star and I would gladly return.
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